The first time I passed through Luxembourg in 1985 I have to confess I barely noticed. It was only after moving to the Netherlands a few years later that I started exploring in more depth. Now resident in a flat country, the breathtaking split-level capital and walking in the hills of the Ardennes made a refreshing change.

Then I discovered Little Switzerland and the Moselle’s excellent wines. The more I visited this pocket-sized country, the more I realized how overlooked it was - in the UK at least.

Bradt are renowned for their guides to such off-the-beaten track destinations. And in 2006 I won a commission to write this guidebook. Over the course of many visits over the past 25 years I’ve become something of an expert on all things Luxembourg, which continues to be (for many) a little known nation at the heart of Europe.

The Bradt Guide to Luxembourg
The only dedicated and opinionated English-language guide to this oft-overlooked gem of a destination.

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